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When it comes to marketing products and services, you can use any surface to do it, even windows. But, in order to achieve this, you will need eye-catching and personalized window film that will market your products and services well. If you need your very own customized window film, get them from a trusted Duarte, CA sign company like Superior Signs and Graphics.

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Window film is often made from vinyl that comes with either a static-cling adhesion backing or glued with an easy-to-remove temporary glue. It can be customized to show brand promotions, new products and services, new events to images, and information you want people to know. Since it is temporarily glued to the window, it is easy to remove and reuse in other areas of the facility. If it is used and stored correctly, it will be a cost-effective solution that can help you market your brand smartly.

Window film can also be used to add additional features to windows, such as privacy and appeal, which is perfect for those who are only renting their spaces.

At Superior Signs and Graphics, you can get personalized window film that will suit your brand and business goals perfectly. Let us know what you are looking for, and we will handle everything, from designing your window film, and manufacturing to installation and maintenance. Your investment is safe with us, and you will get huge returns once it is installed in your business windows or in your vehicles.

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Promotional Displays

Window film enables businesses to transform their bland windows into dynamic displays that will promote the brand and its offerings to a wider audience who see it.

Duarte Window Film & Graphics Window Film 2 251x300Window film is easy to customize, install and remove, making it the perfect material to use for marketing and promotions. They can also be used for vehicle windows as well without causing safety issues since they are done with perforated window film.

When we handle your personalized Duarte window film request, we can transform your windows – whether it is in your shop or your vehicle – into a large display that will catch your audience’s attention and present all the products and services you want people to know about.

We can customize the designs to your specifications, print them in full color and professionally install them in your windows no matter where it is located. We can even clean the windows once we remove your old window film and replace it with a new one.

Privacy Window Film

Window films are also ideal if you want to transform your window panels in the office to privacy windows without having to buy special window panels to achieve this effect.

Duarte Window Film & Graphics Window Film 3 300x300Superior Signs and Graphics has a wide selection of window films in various opacities or frosting, which can be used for privacy features. We can check your location to determine which one is best for your location and even show you samples so you can choose the best one.

We often recommend a matte finish for the frosted film because this reduces the harsh light coming from the outside or from office lighting. It can also reduce glare and provide additional cooling for the space.

If you do not want frosted film, we can install one-way mirror films for your space. The ones we install will make one side highly-reflective in one side while the other side is transparent. It is also the best option to pick if you want extra protection from UV rays.

Full-Service Sign Company

Superior Signs and Graphics has been creating signs, graphics, decals, and films for all types of businesses for years, and we are proud of the quality of our work.

Duarte Window Film & Graphics Window Film 4 300x300With our experienced and talented team handling each project, our up-to-date equipment, and our partnership with great material suppliers, we are always able to provide our clients with high-quality marketing tools they can be proud of.

For your personalized Duarte window film, we handle every aspect of its creation with your input, from designing the window film, picking the material and format, printing, installation, and maintenance to removal.

You can count on us to provide you with the right support to maintain your requested graphics.

Free Window Film Consultation

Duarte Window Film & Graphics anaheim signs logo 300x84Since we started offering our services to businesses who need a variety of marketing tools to promote their brand, Superior Signs and Graphics has gained a strong following of businesses who loved our services and kept requesting our work. We are always committed to delivering the best signs and graphics for our clients and helping clients maximize their impact by installing them in the right locations perfectly.

For your window films, we will customize them according to your brand’s requirements and get them cleanly installed in your windows so they can effectively help you achieve your business goals without causing you any stress.

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