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Stanton Vehicle Wraps

Business car wraps, boat wraps, ad wraps, auto wraps—you name it, we have it! Superior Signs and Graphics offers industry-quality Stanton vehicle wraps that can impact your business’s visibility and promotional capabilities in a way that makes your investment so worth it.

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Do you run a food truck business? Or perhaps you own a service contractor that relies on a fleet of vehicles for your regular operations. Vehicle wraps would be perfect for any business that uses vehicles for their transactions and services, and Superior Signs and Graphics’s team of highly trained and experienced signage experts are here to ensure you get the best quality of vehicle wraps the industry has to offer.

We are 3M Preferred Graphics installers – one of the few shops that has earned that and certification. Because of our state-of-the-art printing and finishing equipment and the new 3M and HP developed next-generation inks we use in our HP700w printer, we have been granted a 3M MCS warranty extension granted that allows us to offer two more years of warranty on all 3M premium cast products.

If you have any concerns or questions about wrapping vehicles with graphics, or if you want to go straight to designing your company van or sedan, Superior Signs and Graphics is one call away to help you out!

Call Superior Signs and Graphics today at (714) 733-1619 for your Free Consultation with a Stanton Commercial Vehicle Wrap expert!

Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

There are many ways to design the surface of a company vehicle with graphics. You can wrap every inch of the surface, including the windows, or use strategic placement, filling only specific spots of the vehicle.

Stanton Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap options

Full Vehicle Wraps

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Of course, if you want to optimize your truck’s or sedan’s entire surface area, the best way is to get full vehicle wrapping. You can fill every spot with branded images and texts, transforming your vehicle into a true advertising machine.

Aside from allowing your vehicle to display your brand wherever it goes, full wrapping also gives a vehicle’s surface extra protection, especially if you choose our marine-grade vinyl used for tough, waterborne vehicles like boats and yachts.

Partial Car Wraps

If you want only certain parts of your vehicle to be covered with graphics, partial wrapping is best for you.

You can cover special points like bumpers, side panels,

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doors, and hoods for a more strategic spread of branded and information texts and graphics. This is also a great way to strategize your budget if you think full wraps are too much for your funds.

Our expert installers are fully capable of wrapping every corner and curve of any vehicle. The installation will be seamless and error-free, ensuring that the graphics will be optimized as visibility tools.

Vinyl Graphics

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If you want to focus more on strategic placement and budgetary friendliness, you may be interested in opting for vinyl graphics.

Instead of having vinyl sheets, this product is only made of smaller cutouts of images or texts, such as logos, business names, and other tiny branded visuals.

This is a more flexible product because you can easily remove and replace the small cutouts in case you change your mind regarding the designs.

Vehicle Magnets

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If you want to bump up the flexibility and ease of use, vehicle magnets are the best ones to pick.

They are made of magnetized graphics, allowing you to move or remove each piece with ease. This will be the perfect product for you if you want to use your business vehicle as a private vehicle occasionally or if your residential area does not allow vehicle advertising.

Rest assured that with Superior Signs and Graphics, you can still display any image or text you want with this magnetic product.

Perforated Window Film

Stanton Vehicle Wraps store front vihicle wrap signs–4 300x225Is there a way to cover even the windows and windshields of vehicles with graphics? With our perforated window film products, the answer is yes.

If you want to be more creative or spread the graphics to the glass parts of a vehicle, this product is the one you should get. Don’t worry; while this product projects vivid graphics on the outside, it does not block the driver’s view from the inside.

With Superior Signs and Graphics, use perforated window film to display any image or text you want on your windshield and windows without sacrificing the driver’s vision.

Professionals Wraps For All Vehicle Types

There are many kinds of vehicle wraps, including van wraps, trailer wraps, personal car wraps, cohesive fleet wraps, or even boat wraps and marine-grade wraps.

Stanton Vehicle Wraps store front vihicle wrap signs–5 300x225Whichever product you choose, Superior Signs and Graphics has all the experts and equipment needed to design, manufacture, and install them on any vehicle.

We would love to hear about your business goals and see how vehicle wrapping products can help achieve them with flying colors.

Let us know the best ideas you have for your vehicle’s designs so we can immediately work on manufacturing and installing them.

Here are the wraps that we offer:

Aside from these car wrap products, our Stanton, CA sign company also offers a full range of signage and graphic products, including indoor signs, outdoor signs, custom signs, and any other sign you might need to improve your business.

Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

Aside from promoting your business and your brand, the one amazing thing about vehicle wraps is that they help you create a good relationship with your customers.

Stanton Vehicle Wraps store front vihicle wrap signs–6 300x225This works especially well for businesses that have to visit the addresses of their clients to provide their products, such as cable installation teams, delivery companies, electricians, and other service contractors.

By presenting your company through a vehicle that represents your brand, your customers are more likely to trust you and the quality of your work.

Indeed, any company would benefit greatly from ad wraps, although the most common industries that use them are plumbing, handiwork, repair services, delivery services, and other service-providing companies.

Promotional Car Wraps

Promotional wraps are a great investment for any business. They not only advertise businesses. They are also great for spreading special information, such as business details, and adding a layer of protection to vehicle paint.

Stanton Vehicle Wraps commercial truck graphics in fullerton ca client 1 300x225With grade-A vinyl wraps, you can expect your vehicles to have designs that will last long despite constant exposure to sunlight and precipitation.

Another great thing about this product is that it provides an alternative for businesses that do not have a physical office for their business. A brand-wrapped vehicle would establish some permanence or presence for these businesses, especially if they need to meet their clients in person to conduct business.

For strategically and professionally designed vehicle wraps that are fully legal, highly attractive, durable, provide a sense of privacy, and do not compromise the driver’s vision, call Superior Signs and Graphics today!

Your Designs, Perfected

Stanton Vehicle Wraps Store front vihicle wrap signs 8 300x225We are ready to work with any business regardless if they already have an existing set of branding guidelines or are still looking for a graphic designer to help them build their brand.

We invite you to a free consultation session with our experts to work together on how to best build, improve, and perfect your Stanton vehicle wraps.

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

As a top signage company, Superior Signs and Graphics offers a full-service package to our clients. This means that every service needed to provide the vehicle wraps and other signage products that our customers need can be provided by our team. This includes designing graphics, manufacturing sign products, and installing them on any vehicle, wall, storefront, and other locations. Our company can also provide even the repair and maintenance needs of our clients.

Stanton Vehicle Wraps store front vihicle wrap signs–5 300x225If you’re looking for a good graphic designer to create the visual elements of your wraps and signs digitally, we got your back. We have seasoned designers that can work with businesses from any industry. They can digitally prepare the blueprints and create mockups for you to view and apply any modifications you want.

Once you’ve officialized the designs, our manufacturing team will ready the materials for the production phase. Because our equipment set is complete right at our in-house manufacturing facilities, we have total control over the quality of our products. As our client, you can trust that the signs we will make for you are all up to industry standards.

Finally, our installation experts can flawlessly and seamlessly install any sign type in the industry, including vehicle wraps. It takes special training and experience to wrap the vinyl around vehicle surfaces, especially on uneven parts. It is best to rely on experts to get that perfect final product.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

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If you are interested in our products and services, give us a call. We are excited to discuss your business goals during our free consultation and find out how to best use Stanton vehicle wraps and other signage products to achieve these objectives.

Call Superior Signs and Graphics today at (714) 733-1619 for your Free Consultation with a Stanton Vehicle Wrap Specialist!