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Cypress Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs remain the first point of contact between a business and its clients. We can guarantee that Superior Signs and Graphics can produce the highly impactful, effective, and durable exterior signs that you’re looking for to boost your business.

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As a leading signage company, we can design all the Cypress, CA outdoor signs that you want for your business. From highly visible storefront signs, outdoor banners, and window displays to yard signs, car wraps, and canopy signs, any product you order, whether it’s a single unit or a part of a whole package, will be designed to complement your brand and boost customer flow.

Consistency is the key to strengthening a brand and making customers trust the quality of a business. So we always follow our clients’ existing brand standards, such as their fonts, logos, and color palettes as we make their signs. Superior Signs and Graphics is the ideal partner for you if you want captivating exterior signs that people can’t help but notice.
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Storefront & Building Signs

Choosing the ideal storefront sign for your business can be difficult as you aim to tell your clients that you’re there to serve them. You have a wide range of choices not just for outside signs, but also for their specific characteristics, such as lighting or finishing. You must also consider several factors, including style, colors, positioning, and size.Cypress Outdoor Signs store front outdoo signs – 2 1 300x225

We are always ready to assist anyone in choosing the ideal business storefront signs for their company, considering the many possibilities available. Since no two businesses are the same, we ensure our recommendations are appropriate for your specific needs. We do this by discussing everything we can know about your location, budget, and brand personality.

To evaluate what signs would best draw the most attention and people to your business, Superior Signs and Graphics considers your specific needs and goals. We are also interested in knowing all about your physical location, rival businesses, and how traffic moves around your establishment.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Many businesses across diverse industries frequently seek channel and dimensional letters, particularly because they are adaptable and highly flexible signage that performs well for many business types and locales.

Cypress Outdoor Signs store front outdoo signs – 3 300x225Decorative channel letters or dimensional letters can be used to add letters, numbers, symbols, or your brand to the exterior of your building.

Since every aspect of our signage is uniquely produced for your business, we give you complete control over the project’s specifics. We want you to be fully satisfied with the final product, ensuring the wording, fonts, colors, and positioning are perfect for your preferences. Every step of the way, we will offer you professional advice to guarantee that these signs are truly effective in communicating your message to the public.

Channel letters and dimensional letters offer a timeless, appealing finish that extends out of your building’s facade for a great look. Any business would benefit from them!

Custom Sign Panels

Sign panels are simple, flat signs typically directly attached to walls or, in this case, your storefront.

Cypress Outdoor Signs store front outdoo signs – 4 300x225They are inexpensive yet very versatile, making them a favorite of many businesses. They can be made of a wide range of materials, depending on the client’s design preferences.

Traditionally, sign panels are produced by affixing a cut vinyl to a metal plate. Others will use acrylic panels and translucent printing for a different look. Tell us your creative ideas, budget, and other important details about your business so we can help you brainstorm the best specifics for your custom sign panels.

Small businesses, auto repair companies, service centers, and industrial facilities commonly go for sign panels because they are looking for a simple yet elegant way to express their brand.

Canopy & Awning Signs

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Canopy signs and awning signs offer two special things: a unique storefront look that only they can provide and an extra outer roof that protects you and your customers against rain and sunlight.

These sign types are typically made of a stretched canvas that pulls out of a building facade or the top area of a window or door. You can have us imprint or design anything on this stretched material, including your business name, logo, branded images, and other important business details.

Because of the unique β€œboutique” feel that they offer, canopy signs make amazing products for businesses like jewelry shops, salons, galleries, hotels, shopping centers, and other specialty stores.

Monument Signs

If you are looking for a more powerful, visually magnetic sign, you want a monument sign.

Cypress Outdoor Signs anaheim monument sign 240x300These massive, permanent signs are arguably the most durable of all the sign types. They are typically made of the sturdiest materials, such as stone, concrete, and marble. Business information is commonly placed on them via etching or fitting some pre-made panels.

Whether you want to achieve a funky sandblasted design or a statuesque marble sign, we are here to provide you with the full range of design variations available for monument signs.

Strong and solid monument signs have no better location than the front area of establishments like hotels, resorts, government agencies, hospitals, schools, and universities.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

If your business is somewhat remotely located and you need to conquer that distance problem, pylon signs and pole signs will do the trick.

Cypress Outdoor Signs store front outdoo signs – 7 300x225They can help increase customer traffic, even if your business is situated on an interstate or a major roadway.

Pylon signs are also perfect for multi-tenant areas. Whatever you need to customize your pole or pylon signs, our experts can easily do it for you.

Pole and pylon signs are at the top of the list for making establishments highly visible.

From remotely located gas stations and convenience stores to fast food, shopping centers, and supermarkets that need extra visibility, many businesses enjoy the visual impact of these signs.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

Our Cypress outdoor signs can be customized perfectly to match the needs of any business.

Cypress Outdoor Signs store front outdoo signs – 8 300x225If you need to prioritize more on increasing the visibility of your building or you need to establish your brand in your immediate community strongly, we can do everything to make this a reality for you.

Our Cypress, CA sign company offers the complete set of exterior signage available in our industry, from flag signs, a-frame signs, and panel signs to vehicle wraps, yard signs, blade signs, wind signs, and vinyl window signs.

If you are also considering reinforcing your exterior signs with interior visuals, look no further than Superior Signs and Graphics!

Below are the rest of the exterior signs we offer:

If you’re not seeing the sign you need on this list, don’t fret. We have all the capabilities, expertise, equipment, and facilities needed to create and customize virtually any imaginable variation of these signs. Our experts are excited to hear all about your unique vision for your signs.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

The entire process of exterior signage production typically involves design, manufacturing, and installation. As your partner in achieving the best Cypress outdoor signs for your business, we ensure you are in the know throughout this process to guarantee your fullest satisfaction by the end of the project.

Cypress Outdoor Signs store front outdoo signs – 9 300x225We have resident graphic designers who can design all your signs and help you build a branding system from scratch (if you need to). From ensuring that the digital files are in the proper format and quality to guaranteeing that your designs are up to date with current standards of signage design, our designers are a team you can depend on.

We’re only manufacturing your signs after you’ve greenlit the designs. Our manufacturing team has the fullest control over our raw materials and product quality because we do everything in our local facilities. Rest assured that everything that needs to be ironed out will be accomplished, even if certain legal permits are needed or if proper environmental or safety concerns are involved.

Finally, our installation team is also highly trained to install any kind of sign, from small panel signs or channel letters to heavy-duty monument signs or pole signs. We will make sure the signs are perfectly secured to their mount or wall without imperfections and with regard to safety.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

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If you need Cypress outdoor signs strategically designed, created, and placed for your business’s progress, you’ve come to the right place.

Superior Signs and Graphics is here to provide all the products and services you need to get all the signs you’re looking for.

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